How do you celebrate a life that was not appreciated during its lifetime?

My main goal for my visit was to sit and speak to my grandmother. And to pray over her. I wanted to hear in her own words what was going on with her. During the thirty-six hours between hearing of this traumatic incident and getting to her bedside, all I could think of was her life and the very real possibility of her death. What type of eulogy could she honestly receive? My heart grew heavier by the moment, not because of the circumstances leading to her hospital stay this time. No, what weighed on my heart like a stone and dragged me down into a sadness that was incredibly difficult to face is the knowledge that my Grandma Bessie has not enjoyed her life. There is no joy to be found in her.

New Day, New Year, New Life

Embrace your life with a fresh perspective. Greet each day with renewed hope. If you’re going through anything (difficulties, disappointments, pains and struggles) know that the God you believe in is faithful to get you to the other side. Everything we encounter in life strengthens and enables us
conquer future challenges.

Receive your blessings and keep walking!


The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:24

Who Is This Jesus?

The Attributes of Christ
A. Creator—The Son of God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things (Col. 1:15-17).
B. Sovereign—He rules over the universe at all times (Ps. 103:19).
C. Omniscient—The Lord knows all things—past, present, and future.
D. Omnipotent—Christ demonstrated His divine power by performing miracles and raising the dead.
E. Omnipresent—Though Jesus took a human form, today the Holy Spirit is ever-present throughout His creation.
F. Merciful—Jesus is our Great High Priest who sympathizes with our weaknesses and offers mercy (Heb. 4:15-16).
G. Lamb of God—Christ was the perfect sacrifice for our sins. His blood brought us forgiveness and continues to cleanse us.
H. Both God and Man—The Son took on human flesh while still retaining His deity.

18 Years Celibate: An Anniversary I Didn’t Plan On…

Being celibate has made me more aware of the “little” sins – the small offenses that can pollute a relationship. I am generally very quick to accept correction (or correct myself) and offer my apologies and reparations. I’ve grown to love honesty: the art of naked conversation. When you’re not trying to impress people with your sexual prowess, you feel incredibly free to speak your mind about who you are and where you are in life. Patience has become a great virtue of mine – I used to pray for patience; it is now firmly scratched off my “I Need” list. Seriously, when you’ve waited over a decade for anything, it takes a while to get riled up about much of anything.Compromising my principles is not an option.

Wife… do you respect me?

It is through the provision of Jesus Christ that mankind can return to God – again and again. God provided Jesus to us as redemption for every aspect of our lives. Jesus is not only the conqueror of death, He is our chief life warrior as well. Equally as important as dying to our nature, is living in His Spirit.

In marriage, this means that through the Christ that has already been provided as a sacrifice and deposit for the hearts of Believers, a man and wife can turn to each other to offer redemption and to be redeemed from each and every fall – each and every stumble, every instance of poor judgment and all their wrongful acts caused by their insecurities. Mercy, grace and forgiveness are all rolled into redemption. Redemption is the active process of reclaiming something of value to the owner – the person the redeemed belongs to.

Husband… do you love me?

I didn’t understand love because I had no understanding of God. As I have grown to know God, my understanding of love has increased. My increased understanding of love has led me to a better expectation of my husband’s character and behavior towards me. God has also developed my discernment, which greatly improves my ability to see the difference between what is truly Christ-like and what is only a mask of Christ-likeness.

Thank You, Father God

If You’ve followed my blog or read any of my books, you have no doubt encountered some musings that may appear “too personal” to share. Surprisingly, I have no reservations about sharing the processes God puts me through in life. I consider it my duty, actually, to be truthful and honest about the work He is doing in me and through me. That being said, there are some things that I consider extremely personal. My journal is one such thing. My journal is basically an ongoing conversation with God. He is the person I am writing to in every entry. And He is the person who answers me through my writing as well. (Click to read my continual thanksgiving.)


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Thanks for writing and sharing your heart. It read transparent, which made it all the more encouraging and empowering… God continually bless you and reward you with the desires of your heart because you have made Him your God!

Christa Clontz

Thank you for your site. I am a writer as well and have been asked to write a weekly devotional page for a church website. Your page confirmed the name God placed on my heart for this project.

God bless :)


I do think this is a most incredible website for proclaiming great wonders of Our God!

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