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Questioning the “equality” of “marriage”

What is in a name? The promise of character and the hope of destiny….. So, I’m questioning why the push to call same sex committed relationships “marriage”? If same sex couples are already forging their own way to a lifetime commitment, why not name their relationship in a unique way to express what they hope to achieve with their commitment? Why insist on calling it “marriage” if their relationship is by nature the antithesis of what marriage was created to be?


Try showing up.

The most empowering and spiritually edifying moments, during this same period, are those times when I showed up for myself. Those moments when God instructed me to do something — usually something that seemed outrageous to me and perhaps appeared crazy to the world — and I took Him at His word and did as I was told. Those moments have provided me with the most profound LIFE lessons of all.

Facing down bullies

Bullies are cowards at heart. They are masters of hiding their hurts, pains, and insecurities from others while projecting the same onto others. They prey on the fears of people they PERCEIVE to be weaker than them. My solution? Change the bully’s perception. Stand up to him/her. Speak up. Fight back. When you hold your ground, they will back down.

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