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My hopes for my marriage

I hope to join with a man who is secure in his humanity. I hope to be a wife who is secure in her humanity. {Read more}


A conversation and a song

We were still in the middle of a slow-moving line in a restaurant in Union Square. He began singing a beautiful song in his beautiful voice. Halfway through I began lip-syncing along with him. My heart was lifted and I believe he lifted the hearts of several people in the line also.

Know whose you are.

Part of checking myself consisted of asking myself two telling questions. (1) What am I really upset about? (2) What do I have to prove to the people I was engaging with? The answer to the first question had nothing to do with the petty issues pelting me. The answer to the second question was: absolutely nothing. The enemy was attacking me through very accommodating vessels, but it was up to me if and how I allowed the attacks to affect me. {Click the link to read the full post.}

Why so prejudiced against Christians?

I’m always shocked how quickly and completely people pre-judge me simply because I profess my belief and faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. After they know that about me, it’s like they deem me unworthy of getting to know. Suddenly, I have no opinions other than what’s popularly known, assumed or guessimated about the Bible. I have no sense of humor. I’m self-righteous and overly ripe.

Jesus’s purpose…

Then John 10:10 came to mind. I initially thought the message was about the enemy’s purpose. A reminder that I should expect to be attacked by those who aren’t aware of their own blessings. But it wasn’t a reminder about the enemy’s purpose; it was a reminder about Jesus’s purpose! Jesus Christ came to give me and you life. Not just any old kind of life. He came to give us LIFE IN ALL IT’S FULLNESS!

The thief’s purpose…

The enemy ONLY comes to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY (John 10:10). If you are not focused on your blessings, then you are not able to give thanks to the One who has blessed you. It is important to praise God when you are under siege. Lift your blessings to God and give Him your battle too.