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Set Fire to the Rain…

Set Fire to the Rain is a therapeutic letter featured in Desert of Solitude: Refreshed by Grace. It was written three years after the addressee, Peewee, died. The letter represents the tiers and nuances of love and forgiveness that entangles and confuses interactions between an abuser and the abused.

Good Cop. Bad Cop. Life is not so simple.

Hatred is an awesomely powerful emotion. It negatively impacts even those who are only observing hateful acts, reading hateful words and listening to hateful speech.

Hatred and fear are interconnected and reflective of each other. They both spread like an infection. Anyone who knowingly operates in fear or hate is not trustworthy nor can they provide safety. Nearly every officer this year who has shot and killed unarmed individuals claimed to fear for their lives. {Click to read full article.}

What are you teaching your children?

I started to defend the mother, but truly, what is her defense? Low education? Low income? No family support? Limited economic choices? I’m a product of all that and so are many people I know. None of those situations can prevent a parent from teaching their children to respect their parents, respect others and respect themselves. ***Follow the link to read the full article.***