Category: Pop Culture v. The Bible

Short exploration of how movies, music, magazines and other things popular speak about God, His personality and character.

Jay-Z, Solange and Beyoncé: Rewriting 99 Problems

I am not suggesting that celebrities need to be more real so they are better role models for the people who idolize them. That’s not my message. To me, this incident became a social commentary on marriage in general in America or at least in certain communities. {Click to read article.}

Singleness is not the prize.

The last eight years of my life have been a continual pursuit of truth and life. The most prominent truth I have held onto is: “It is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18).” These words are attributed to God during His process of creating humanity. I understand this statement to mean that it is not good for woman to be alone either.

Film Review: GOD’S NOT DEAD

Are you willing to forfeit your family, your significant other, and your future plans in order to follow Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit? This question is the premise of the movie. From it the movie evolves into a series of situational choices and confrontations that could represent any of our lives.

Seven-year itch: Where did my zeal go?

Where’s the community that actually reaches out within itself? To the Believers who are still hurt or newly hurt? To the Believers who need more than words, who need to be shown how loved they are? Need to know how much they matter in the chain of events that surround their life. Where’s that community that focuses on itself, embraces itself and then radiates itself to surrounding communities? {Follow the link to read the full post.}

Film Review: SON OF GOD

Honestly, I was hooked from the first few seconds…. Soon, however, I was thrown by the choppy feel of the scene tranisitons and the increasing sense that the movie was more of a reading of select passages than a reactment of a very important period of the Christian lifestory. {Follow the link to read the full post.}