Poem: Life is happening.

Picture1So many years
Life is always happening
It doesn’t accommodate our schedule
or ask for an appointment
It isn’t scouting for the perfect environment
or adjusting for the most flattering angle
It doesn’t care about having
enough money, enough time,
enough energy or enough of anything
Life is simply happening.
It’s on-going and going on.
Don’t let pass you by.
Don’t be left behind
while looking back
or too far ahead.
Be where you are
Life is happening there
whatever you’re doing
wherever you have your being.
Life does as it does
It continues to happen
whether you’re ready or not.
It will happen no matter what.
Don’t waste it on hopes of tomorrow
Don’t wait to live out loud
Don’t allow your wants
to diminish what you have
Forget what isn’t.
Relish what is.


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