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Three Ways to Not Hate Your Husband

This is a great read for relational behavior. I am not yet married but I have certainly used the steps she outlines in dealing with other people – most especially those who claim Christ and friendship with me. Years ago, I learned that pausing in my anger and hurt and focusing on the fact that God loves the person I am angry at or hurt by had a profound way of calming me down and refocusing me on how to interact more peaceably with them. Sometimes that meant not interacting with them at all because it is true that we can only change ourselves; we can not change others.

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I think the churchy side of the camp says I’m supposed to tell you marriage is great. It’s pretty, and passionate, and playful. Your husband is your leader, woman. You must submit, woman. You must dote, woman.

I think the American side of the camp says I’m supposed to tell you marriage is a joke. It’s petty, and pitiful, and perishable. Your husband is a dimwit, woman. You must be stronger, woman. You must laugh at him, woman.

I’ve rolled out my sleeping bag on both sides in my short six years of experience. It’s like you might be able to wiggle your way into a comfortable spot, but when your shoulder goes numb and you try to turn over, you roll onto sharp rocks and twigs and godknowswhatelse and you let out a string of curse words that would make a sailor blush. Not that I would know. (I do…

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