A Fucked-Up Life and God

It is one of the deep blessings in life to realize that our imperfect lives and experiences can be used to offer hope at the perfect moment. God is so good. Continue to turn to Him and surrender your heart and spirit – repeatedly. {Click the link to read this post by Cyndy Lavoie.}

Cyndy Lavoie

(Warning: if you are not okay with profanity to relay intense emotion than I suggest you do not read this post.)

I used to think the point of life was making it pretty, presentable, acceptable. And so I spent innumerable years and money and focus trying to make my life beautiful – both my experience of it and how it appeared to others.

But my life hasn’t been beautiful and I am finally okay with that.

For many years I walked with God expecting him to fix my life. As though heaven holds a big eraser that blots out entire sections of one’s life.

I’m visiting my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons this week. They moved to Alberta just a few months ago, and so here I am for the first time in sixteen years.

My own personal journey in Alberta was a horror story. A year of starvation, despair…

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