Terry Ann: Eulogy


Terry Ann: Eulogy

As the moon shines,
The angels come.

On a warm, hazy night
With stars twinkling bright;
The waves crashed against shore
With their ever beckoning lure.

Terry Ann, my baby;
My beautiful black lady.
A mother, wife, daugther, sister,
Cousin, aunt and friend.

Because of you, my heart beats;
I live and I breathe.
My ambitions stem from your struggles;
My understanding from your love.

You are one of God’s special
Children, touched on the heart.
And as I look to the Lord
There’s no anger for His part.

He has a place worthy of your presence –
Where heartache doesn’t reside.
You’ll not be disappointed, be in no pain,
Now that our Lord has taken you in hand.

On that warm, hazy night,
With stars shining bright;
As Michigan’s waves crashed
With their ever beckoning lure;
I know, as the moon shone upon you,
Your angels came to take you home.

~ LaShawnda Jones, August 1996

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