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  1. I would like to share my thought on your logo samples. I like sample 1b. The hearts stand out in the leaves and the fact of the tree not being perfect or quite upright just yet speaks directly to me. SN…don’t have the privilege to see how nicely your blog is set-up from my dinosaur cell phone. Logging on from a pc Shawnda and it is lovely. Spirit of EXCELLENCE (in my high pitched voice :)) I love it!


    • Shantee, thanks so much for taking the time to log-on, view and comment! I appreciate it and I completely understand how modern mobility keeps us away from land-locked devices! 🙂

      The imperfect, bent over tree (that is still beautiful in the challenge of the moment (I’m imagining a strong storm)) is what brought me to tears. That tree design spoke to my heart immediately too.

      Thank you for all your feedback! It’s always nice to hear from the other side of the computer screen! 😉

      PS: I’ve always liked your name: Shantee Swan (as seen on FB), but seeing your hypenated name is like a cherry on top.Shantee Swan-Loving – beautiful. I’m sure it represents the woman you are very well! 🙂


  2. I am a big fan of #4 with #2 coming in second. Number 4 just made me feel happy and positive and your postings also have that tone. Also there is both bright colors and fall colors that could represent happiness and reflection. I have read your poems, books, and blogs.


    • Thank you, Elicia – you have me looking at #4 with new eyes! I do like the contemporary feel of that one. And you’re right – the colors are lively, light and airy with some weight. Thank you for the feedback.


    Aja B. Stubbs: They are all lovely but my favorites are 1b and 2.
    April 4 at 3:19am via mobile

    LaShawnda Jones: Thanks, Aja! I think they’re all lovely too! Any reason those two stand out for you?
    April 4 at 7:17am

    Aja B. Stubbs: From a business perspective, I think both logos would look good as you start to put the brand out there on promotional items. Both would translate well whether in color or in black and white/grayscale. From a personal perspective, I loved the added detail of the hearts as leaves on 1b. #2, however, I would pick as the more “professional” of the two. But both of them, to me, just said, yes, that is LaShawnda. I’d be interested in knowing which one you loved the most.
    April 4 at 9:10am

    LaShawnda Jones: Thanks, Aja! Your feedback is valuable and appreciated!! For starters, I was so taken with the color, I didn’t think about bw for a second! I thought many elements of the samples said, “LaShawnda” as well! I was moved to tears actually because she captured so well what I want to convey – and I only met her once, several years ago, and we’ve only exchanged two emails on this project. When people “get you” it’s an amazing feeling! I’ll share my preference via email – don’t want to taint the feedback! Thanks, again!
    April 4 at 9:17am



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