Spirit Harvest

What I Learned About Grace from a 1st Grader. (Alternate Title: Some Christians Have Big Buts!)

by Charlie Marquez

ZionColageThe grace of God is a mine whose treasures can never be exhausted and whose depths can never be reached. As a pastor of 10+ years, a Christian of 20+ years and a soon to be seminary grad I must admit that I often struggle with the idea of grace. It seems too good to be true. But the more I study the Scriptures, the more I find that all of it is one single story; a story of a holy God who loves sinners enough to do something about it. That something is called the gospel and it was lived out by Jesus Christ. His perfect holy life that is credited to all who will believe because of His sinless death in our place; and his bodily resurrection that was a demonstration of His power over sin and death are what the Bible is all about. I could…

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Categories: Spirit Harvest


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