Spirit Harvest

For those of you struggling with accepting all of yourself. Be blessed.

Everyday Mae

I’m going to assume that, unlike me, you haven’t seen nearly every episode of The Simpsons. But even if you are  also a  t.v. junkie, here’s a refresher on the episode I’m referring to. In season seven episode four troublemaker, Bart Simpson, and his loyal friend, Milhouse, are punished after playing a prank during church. While cleaning the pipe organs as penance, Milhouse ruminates on what damage the prank will do to his soul. Bart skeptically declares that there is no such thing as a soul and to prove it offers to sell his own for $5. Bart is initially pleased with the transaction thinking he has duped his friend out of five bucks. However, strange things begin happening. His pets refuse to come near him and automatic doors won’t open for him. These signs  are disturbing and in a hour of fitful sleep he has a dream. He…

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