My God and Me: Listening, Learning and Growing on My Journey

About My God and Me

My God and Me is about a journey. My spiritual journey – my bonding with God. It takes you all over – the country, North America, some of Europe and my complete emotional map.

Though most times we don’t know what the end will be, My God and Me begins with knowledge of the result of my seeking. I found God. I found me. Read about how I worked on deepening my connection with my Source through the people He placed in my life.

May God also bless you and keep you!


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  2. My God is my highest priority in life as well. I love what you’re doing.

    I would also love to speak to you about how you can enhance your message with your very own TV Show. Please call or email me. 703.656.3433 or

    I offer advertising/marketing software to help enhance small business owners exposure in the marketplace.

    Tabatha Ricketts


  3. Thank you for your site. I am a writer as well and have been asked to write a weekly devotional page for a church website. Your page confirmed the name God placed on my heart for this project.

    God bless 🙂



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